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Goverment of Canada guaranteed lease lots, peace of mind on Lake of the Woods!

After discovering Buffalo Point and all it has to offer, many people make the choice to call it home! Our diverse and growing community is made up of both seasonal and year-round residents.

Whether it’s golfing, fishing or the beautiful sandy beaches that brings you here, there’s so much more to make you want to stay:

  • Year round maintenance services (including road clearing)
  • Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • R.C.M.P. patrolled
  • Close proximity to Warroad, Minnesota (Medical Facilities, shopping & more!)
  • Close proximity to Sprague, Manitoba (Health Clinic, Service Canada, Post Office)
  • Fun community events (Buffalo Days, fishing derby, golf tournaments, health sessions)
  • Employment opportunities


Phone: 204-437-2133

Afterhours/Weekend: 204-905-0471

Buffalo Point Available Lots & Realty

Come experience paradise, it’s closer than you think.

Cottage Maintenance Services

The following services are available from the Development Corporation at Buffalo Point.

  1. Lawn Care Services
  2. Landscaping
  3. Tree Removal
  4. Stump Grinding
  5. Backhoe/Trenching
  6. Snow Removal
  7. Aggregate materials/ Top Soil Gravel, a-base fill etc.

To find out more information about these services please call 204-437-2688.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lot you have purchased comes cleared to your specifications including site preparation for foundation, a driveway as well as a septic tank (2000 gallons).

How are Property Taxes Calculated?

The Buffalo Point Assessor, by law, follows the Manitoba practice of assessing all properties at market value as of a specified date. These values are updated every 2 years.

For taxation calculation purposes, properties are appropriately classified by the Assessor into a defined

list of property classes. Virtually all leased properties at Buffalo Point fall within the “Residential 1” property class. The Assessment Law dictates that tax levies be applied to what is termed the “Portioned Assessment” value. For residential properties, the Portioned Assessment is 45% of the full market “Assessed Value”.

The tax rate, known as the “mill rate”, is based on Buffalo Point’s annual budgetary needs and for 2013 the mill rate has been set at 17. One mill equates to one dollar of tax per $1,000 of Portioned Assessed valued.

Below are three examples, using an all- inclusive mill rate of 17:

Example 1: If the property is assessed at $100,000
‘Portioned Value’ = 45% x $100,000 = $45,000
45 x $17.00 = $765.00
The annual property tax is $765.00

Example 2: If the property is assessed at $150,000
‘Portioned Value’ = 45% x $150,000 = $67,500
67.5 x $17.00 = $1,147.50
The annual property tax is $1,147.50.

Example 2: If the property is assessed at $200,000
‘Portioned Value’ = 45% x $200,000 = $90,000
90 x $17.00 = $1,530.00
The annual property tax is $1,530.00

All land leases are “term leases”, means having an end period.  A “term headlease” holder is the Buffalo Point Development Corporation having the lease until May 2086.  The First Nation Council provides these headlease extensions, as negotiated by BPDC.  BPDC sells these housing sub-lease residential lots to purchasers (lessees).  Today sub-leases purchases can go to Dec 31, 2080 which means buying a 61 year lease and next year it will be reduced to 60 years and so on.  

Our first “42 year term sub-leases” will expire in 2020, and already we have replaced these by “what we named as the new 75 year leases”, expiring in Dec 31, 2080.  This will be done again in the future.

Yes, you have the right to sell or transfer the assignment of your lease.

The leases are renegotiated based on property values at that point in time. **It should be noted that in 2005, we extended and renewed 82% of all lot leases.