A Nature Lover's Paradise

An incredible display of wildlife in it’s natural habitat.

A doe and her fawn loo up suddenly as you find yourself enjoying Buffalo Point’s majestic surroundings.  They hold your gaze as if to say “Good Morning” before disappearing into the trees.  The peace and tranquility of your dream have found you exploring all that nature has to offer on the shores of Lake of the Woods at Buffalo Point.

Mother Nature’s Post Card

The Buffalo Point peninsula is Mother Nature’s post card where gentle prairie meets the Canadian Shield and sandy beaches line the sparkling waters of the bays.

Deer, fox, timber wolves, bears and incredible fauna populate this picture perfect nature paradise.

Amazing Bird Watching Opportunities 

Did you know that there are around 10,000 species of birds in the world? Birdwatching is a hobby that has come into fashion over the years. Birds are truly beautiful creatures that deserve our observation, attention, and compassion.

Birds exist in pretty much every city and country, but some travel destinations such as Buffalo Point are known for their unique species and excellent birdwatching opportunities. Not only does observing birds teach us about their fascinating habits and features, but the activity also helps us slow down the pace of life and appreciate the nature that surrounds us.

An Impressive Display of Plant Life

Hello new season! We are finally back to the lush, green outdoors and we hope you are full with ideas and inspiration! The spring topic has a fresh vibe: new beginnings! We want to celebrate the new circle of life in nature that happens in spring. Just like the trees that are burgeoning in the surrounding forest, Buffalo Point is bursting with plant life that is worth investigating!