Deals & Events

Buffalo Bay Marina
January 26, 2019
To enter call the Marina at (204) 437-2402 or e-mail

Registration 9:00 AM
Fishing Derby 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Awards at Resort Centre 4:00 PM
Things to know about the derby

Portable shacks allowed, inspected upon entrance
150’ x 150’ Fishing area with access to warming shelter
Kitchen shack on the ice with food
Holes are predrilled
Port-A-Potty facilities on the ice
One ticket gets you one hole
Maximum 2 holes per person
No limit on tickets purchased for the drawing
If derby is cancelled due to Mother Nature, prizes will be drawn
If any of the Top 3 fish are uncaught, prizes will be drawn
Must bring a bucket
Must adhere to all Manitoba fishing regulations including a valid fishing licence
Fish are measured by Length
If tie occurs it will be based on time the fish was caught
Allowed to win one fish prize per ticket