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First Course

Seared Tuna

Seared Tuna with marinated cucumber carpaccio , citrus ponzu and pickled vegetable salad.

  • This is created with a fusion in mind Japanese , Italian and some west coast notes. – The buttery texture of the tuna is accompanied by the crisp texture of the pickled veg and cucumber then tied back together with avocado and olive.
  • The flavour of the citrus ponzu and tuna give the Japanese edge to match up with the California fresh pickled and avocado then some Italian kalamata olives to bring some salty brine to tie it all together.

Second Course

NY Steak with Roasted Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto

Herb marinated house cut New York steak with roasted mushroom and asparagus risotto finished with a medallion of Churn Roasted Garlic Butter and lemon dressed greens.

  • New York steak is cut in house and marinated overnight in a mixture of onions fresh garlic rosemary and thyme to infuse flavor and tenderize
  • Italian risotto cooked slowly with chicken stock then finished with aged parmesan, oven roasted garlic mushrooms and herb baked asparagus
  • Garnished with our fresh house lemon dressed greens to give some nice acidic balance to the savoury flavours
  • Finally a melted medallion of locally made Churn finishing butter made with olive oil roasted garlic cloves fresh herbs and squeezed lemon
  • This dish you find the fusion of classic Italian risotto with hint back to French cuisine with the herb baked asparagus and lemon greens . Finished with a nod to New York dining with charbroiled steak and Churn Roasted Garlic Butter.

Third Course

Belgium Chocolate Mousse

Rich Belgium chocolate mousse with spiced red wine reduction and cayenne pepper candied almonds

  • Dense but light chocolate mousse made with imported Belgium Callebaut dark chocolate fresh whipping cream and melted butter.
  • Spiced red wine reduction is our braising liquid from poaching pears it is infused with cinnamon cloves nutmeg and ginger to give a deep flavor profile.
  • The almonds are candied in house with demarra sugar sea salt and cayenne pepper to add the sweet spicy note that complements chocolate well.

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